Thursday, January 19, 2006

to papermodels and friends designers and more!

hi and wecome to paper models exstremes! this is for my friends at papermodels smartgroups and papermodelsgooglegroups members only visiters can all so joins this free none profitable freedom of speech for all can down load free stuff for nothing do not take stuff form my friend do not steal my or my friends model warning! do not a sell any of my model othere friends ext! i do not want any hackers terrorist or pirites in my shareing with free models no money ever needed this is a free not pay site please do not send any money thank you my friend mike webdude and steve ray and othere's can down load free stuff for life for ever for etunatiy enogh said and done if youb want a free model that has not seen anywere eise we will created by requested or most wanted demended we will do it for free that right free! we are doing this top show you the people that love cars trains buses planes cartoon characters please support use by not bracking laws coypright infragments! in t'm marks like warner bros looney tunes i will creat them but not for money for freedom of technology use only to start making new friends who want to be paper model designes no matter what you can join the freedom none profectable website i made this not just for my self only you can share-n-creates show your stuff here before and after math!
please no spam no porn! this is a safe for all ages only kids can down load free stuff to the japaness uk russun californas chiness italens ext! are all wecome to join if thay want too you have a choice! now let's get creative start you ideas for life! enjoy ower free none profitable paper models phononon!