Thursday, January 19, 2006

to papermodels and friends designers and more!

hi and wecome to paper models exstremes! this is for my friends at papermodels smartgroups and papermodelsgooglegroups members only visiters can all so joins this free none profitable freedom of speech for all can down load free stuff for nothing do not take stuff form my friend do not steal my or my friends model warning! do not a sell any of my model othere friends ext! i do not want any hackers terrorist or pirites in my shareing with free models no money ever needed this is a free not pay site please do not send any money thank you my friend mike webdude and steve ray and othere's can down load free stuff for life for ever for etunatiy enogh said and done if youb want a free model that has not seen anywere eise we will created by requested or most wanted demended we will do it for free that right free! we are doing this top show you the people that love cars trains buses planes cartoon characters please support use by not bracking laws coypright infragments! in t'm marks like warner bros looney tunes i will creat them but not for money for freedom of technology use only to start making new friends who want to be paper model designes no matter what you can join the freedom none profectable website i made this not just for my self only you can share-n-creates show your stuff here before and after math!
please no spam no porn! this is a safe for all ages only kids can down load free stuff to the japaness uk russun californas chiness italens ext! are all wecome to join if thay want too you have a choice! now let's get creative start you ideas for life! enjoy ower free none profitable paper models phononon!


Blogger Zoso said...

Great to read your notes Dazzo

10:04 AM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

thank's your right i do take my meaning sereuosly i want to help as much as i can i take paper models sereously to the maxumim! i want kids to enjoy the models we creat free of charge no money ever needed if you this there's nothing for free think again! the words are not as true as it's meaningless dout's but there is free stuff not like spam of ad ware or bad stuff in your e-mail you do ever want to see. i know how the internet works liker you never could images free stuff not like junk mail of free stuff that's not likely to be what the person saids about a lie not giving you the satisfaction you do not want to see! free models that the key to success!is nice if your a perfectional you deffintiy have a chanes to show the world what creativeity means and technology means! allways kids safe and all ages can do everthing that puts there heart in to a model thay like to see in this web space.
thank's again for this respones as soon as i can get things going i will have a lot of my friends and me to support one to anothere so encourges them not to give up hope!

9:35 PM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

the paper models masters for 2006!

my paper models created and draw-n- by me colored by me build to (fit in to space and place!)that means

paper models and more to it then just a paper model?

in list not in abcd order all models totally free! enogh said!

1. the lolamobel 200? what ever the real one ever be?
this will be a must have must want i will put a pic in it to show how to do parts in stead of a illustation booklet ok here's images or what a lolamoble look like my own origenal design! look in either photos or in fils and folder by car names included!

now on with the rest of paper models list not in order! as follows!

1. the lolamoble with bonus action figer lola bunny will be in the drivers seat! with speical features you won't find anywere else
2 thunderbirds ford fab1 pink limo w 6 moving wheels in 3D FORMATION TECHNOCOLOR! WITH HAVE OPENING FEATUERS AND MORE!
3.lamborgini rator concept car!

that's it for now! now to start creat them and test fit each and ever one of them encourgment is allways wecome here!

5:43 PM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

my own drawings of the lolamobel very soon look for up dates!

1:11 AM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

there are for pic up allreay more comming soon!

1:46 AM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

hi i got paper model avalable now you can really master if you have a problem please e-mail me right away i need to know what is the problem before it acures!

thank you i have lots of mario paper model that is
1. my paper models copyright but nintendo's most popular icon's in 3D models
i have posion mushroom mario 8 bit pixes origena hard to find i did the impossable my fans love what i do for free why do i doing thing you say?
well it make a protechtion form copyright infragment i do not want to sell my models i do not want you to give me your creit card no!
i'm not going to brake the law i need nintendo's permission first that i'm not ready to do just yet!

i have a nintendo supersmashbros mi lee concept challage i'm a member of
this saterday may 13 i'm going for the grand prize winner i have never been in a tourament before this will be a great chance to be something i'm not i popular icon i hope to win big but i'm not going to over do it untill i win 1 place!

new ds lite is more diffrent then the origal ds looks the same but more diffrent then origanl ds!

i'm saving up for a nintendo's revolotion game console i have saved up to have ennogh money to geyt all in one most hot systum yet to come i'm making the revolotion paper masters modeling kit all in one paper model exclusively from michaelbunnyexclusivedazzo great gift of masterpiece art you will need instuction color paper to know how to build you all will be amazed when i finnshing this ultumatim paper model masters 101 deluxes model it will have reallisti looks feels like a real concept state of the arts never ever look so real! i will have new model posed soon look for undate comming to this only website free for everone who loves a winner!
i hope you will guest book mark me and this site will be mega freedom of speech this is not just for kids only i want to exspereanec ever one who will visite this wonderrfull site jamming pack full of free stuff to donw load in friendly safe mode no bad stuff will ever come this site
thank you all for your greatfully supporting me and my hard works will be a phonononom! i hope you will like what you will see here upcomming events and more contest and free for all give aways to enjoy more of !

i have this to say!

1. posion mushroom
2.mario 8 bit pixes super mario and fire mario is now avalable to free down load!
3.paper green high one the one mario ravels coins in the firsty stage world 1-1!
nintendo (N) symbol icon of nintendo 64 4.
64 is now in progress!
add on's!
star man or invicable star man!
flip coin hard to do model
but it's worth a challange.6.
and brick blocks
nones block
pow block
i allso have none nintendo items
you can try out for free too!
a. x-acto knife
b.lolabmobel D.U.B. TIRE DESIGN I CREATED for the lolamobel

this nintendo chair is a must have great it looks totally realistic i have build vesions of this prototype model it allso stans up like real chair! bouns down load!

comming soom 1up mushroom and super mushroom collection you don't wanna miss out!

6:50 PM  
Blogger mbed2006 said...

i have this avalable now you can try to buils some ideas you would like to see in card stock formation! 3D style!

this is a little tricky and a hard challeng

and now the model

8:41 PM  

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